Wise Building simplifies building usage

Wise Building merges all of a building’s services, information and equipment in one application !

Enhance employee experience

An all-in-one application to make your employees’ daily routine easier


Control & optimise your operating costs

Maximised building management and reduced operating costs

Data mining

Real-time view of the building's activities: consumption, occupancy, incidents, employee feedback, etc.

Cost reduction

Analysis of technical and employee data to optimise settings and make savings


Improvement of the building's score based on "well-being" and "comfort" for real estate certifications

Obtain a bespoke roll-out

An application model suitable for all buildings

Two technologies, two models

The SaaS model, the core features of the Wise Building application

The white-label app model, fully customisable

Connectors developed

With the building’s systems: BMS, access control, cyber security, etc.

With third-party services: concierge, catering, mobility, sports, etc.

With business software: CMMS, IAM, messaging servers, etc.

Available on iOS and Android

Take advantage of a turnkey service

Wise Building takes care of everything


  • Inventory of business systems & software
  • Processing & integration of building data


  • Design & features
  • Integration of third-party services
  • DDevelopment of connectors


  • Test phase
  • Training for administrators
  • Roll-out


  • Operation reports for the customer success program
  • Support - Maintenance

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